Company History

Dharti Commodities was established in 2014 as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Dubai, UAE. The company operates under the leadership of a highly accomplished management team, in synergy with a global network of private companies and multinational corporations.

The company is an associate of a 4A2 rated company having international banking lines with over 22 banks and an annual turnover of over USD 500 million.

What we do

Dharti Commodities has two business segments –
1.) Trading of raw materials for industrial users, and
2.) Marketing and distribution of branded products

Commodity Trading

We source and supply bulk raw materials to industrial users. We operate in the international market with a global network of customers and suppliers. We have millions of dollars of credit lines available with major international banks. We have a freight desk to help manage the logistics for our customers. We help our suppliers and customers manage their price risk by hedging with derivatives and by offering the option of provisional pricing.

Marketing and Distribution

We are a marketer and distributor of branded foodstuff in the Middle East region. We market cooking oil and wheat flour under our own brands. We are an exclusive distributor for many Food & Beverages brands in the Middle East region. We also import and stock food products of various international brands which we then wholesale from our warehouse and our network of vans.