Our Motivation

Dharti.com Buy Peace.....Real Estate Business in Pakistan is marred with reliability crisis, Trust deficit, unprofessional and non-institutional approach. People in general feel quite vulnerable while they are undertaking the real estate transaction. Every second person has an agonizing story to tell. The worst part is lack of institutional support for an already aggrieved client. A major void is our failure to embed cutting edge IT tools and e-commerce real estate business in to real estate value chain. A research and real-estate aggregation business platform for Pakistanis all over the globe to reap the benefits of thriving real estate industry with complete trust and reliability seems to be the need of the day.


Areal estate research and e-commerce aggregation platform with cutting edgetechnology which empowers customers with credible data, inspiration......

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To becomethe most trusted, “Research and e-Commerce Aggregation Platform" whichcovers full real estate life cycle with “Institutional Guarantee” using cuttingedge technology.

Core Values

  • Cutting edge technology
  • Research and Analysis
  • Innovation
  • Trust and reliability
  • Institutional approach
  • Cover full real estate life cycle
  • End to End deal
  • Money back guarantee
  • Global facilitation and client friendly
  • Trusted vendors
  • Highly professional team


Our parent company, Inflection, builds trust online with advanced solutions that help people and
businesses interact with confidence on the Internet and in person.