DHA Quetta


DHA Quetta

DHA Quetta is the first Housing Scheme Venture by Defense Housing Authority in the Province of Baluchistan. DHA is the most reliable and largest city planners and developers of Pakistan. DHAQ, Baluchistan is a corporate body created under Baluchistan Assembly Act No. XI of 2015 that endeavours to bring state of the art, secure living and business environment to Quetta. In step with the latest worldwide developments in the field of urban and community development, DHAQ would add to the grandeur of Quetta. Relying on tenets of sustainable development, conservation of environment and energy, it would carve out residential and commercial projects that would make living in DHA Quetta an enjoyable experience for generations to come.

The DHAQ Act XI of 2015 actuated a deliberate and intricate process of appreciation involving a vast array of different analysis and surveys such as related to geography, topography, demography, ecology, sociology, economy, hydrology and other Diasporas, cultural and urban planning studies that focus on current local trends. This led to the crystallization of different options for future projects of DHA Quetta.

DHA Quetta Motto

DHAQ will truly come up to the expectations and hopes which every member of the society is eagerly associating with it. Hence, the motto that has been so willingly adopted by DHA Quetta “YOUR HOPE IS OUR VISION.” Affording ample opportunities for the people of Balochistan to generate significant economic activity and contribute in the overall peace endeavors of the government at national level in general and provincial level in particular.

DHA Quetta Objectives

DHAQ has a magnificent future strategic direction. DHAQ is committed towards creating first ever most advanced and high-tech self-sustained, environmental friendly and futuristically developed housing scheme. Some prominent features which would distinguish the erstwhile Quetta, as has existed for decades without any significant improvement thus far, are listed below: –

  • Residential sectors located within secure and hygienically controlled environment with all basic amenities that are must for modern residential areas of the world.
  • Taking into account the basic and common necessity, School, College, Medical facilities, Mosques, wide commercial areas, community centers and recreational parks.
  • To compensate for the lack of sufficient opportunities for higher education, DHA Quetta has planned an exclusive area for universities and other centers of excellence in different fields.
  • Realizing the need for advanced and latest technology in specialized medical treatment, efforts are in hand to bring prominent most trusted and successful parties / investment groups to DHA Quetta.
  • In view of the tremendous opportunities that lay before us owing to the strategic location of Quetta Vis-à-vis CPEC Projects, an exclusive and spacious commercial areas is sure to house the business community in the shape of Shopping Malls, offices, hotels and restaurants.


DHA Quetta Location

It is located at 7 KM from Quetta International Airport and almost 16 KM from Jinnah Road HBL Chowk at N 25. DHA Quetta is situated near CPEC Western Route.

DHA Quetta Phase 1

The total coverage of DHA Quetta Phase 1 is 8000 Acres, and will be developed in stages. 1st stage will be 4000 Acres approx. All 4 Marla and 8 Marla Commercials will be allotted at Main Roads. DHA Quetta will use 33% of land for large road network (as per National Reference Manual minimum is 25% approx). Following demarcation of zones are planned:

  • Zone A (Business & Residential) total area is 8000 Acres
  • Zone B (Education, Health & Sports) total area is 2200 Acres
  • Zone C (Farms Houses and Recreations) total area is 1800 Acres


DHA Quetta Smart City

The DHAQ has envisaged smart city concept. The concept describes as Smart Electric meters, Smart appliances, Renewable energy resources, and efficient transmission media.

DHA Quetta Pipeline Water Resource Projects

The main Objective of the project is providing about 8.1 MGD un-interrupted drinking water supplied for Quetta. It comprises; Pet Feeder / Kachhi Canal 60 Mgd, Burj Aziz Khan Dam 23 Mgd, Halak Dam 4 Mgd, 100 Check Dams – TWs 28 Mgd, Available Dams in vicinity of Zone C, Shamozai Dam, Kach Dam, Mangi Dam near Mangi Village on Khost River about 76 KM from Quetta City.

Environmental Responsibility

We believe that protecting the environment is key to a high-performing, successful organisation. We’re committed to maintaining and improving the quality of our environment for our employees, residents and the wider community. This means reducing our contribution to climate change, pollution and use of the earth's scarce resources, by effectively managing energy use, resource use, waste and emissions

  • Strive for intelligent and sustainable solutions in the new homes we build, focusing on energy and water efficiency, sustainable sources of heat and power, materials and air quality/ventilation.
  • Recycle, reduce and reuse in our business operations, from printing to lighting to office supplies.
  • Encourage and support our staff to use low-carbon transport, offering bike storage, showers, a ‘Cycle to Work’scheme and oyster cards for work.
  • Raise awareness among our residents on how they can reduce energy and water use at home and about the benefits of leading healthier, more sustainable lives.
  • Measure and report our environmental performance.